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ИП 330-ГЕРДА fire detector

Infrared triple-spectrum fire alarm detector ИП 330-ГЕРДА is designed for flame detection on the basis of multi-frequency selection which provides ultimate protection against false alarm. Therefore the detector can be used in areas with intense infrared radiation, welding areas etc. The unit is approved for use in hazardous locations (explosive atmosphere) and is suitable for installation both indoors and outdoor on petrochemical enterprises, including storage tanks and pumping stations.

General specifications

  • Working ambient temperature: (-50)°C...(+55)°C;
  • Explosion protection: 1Exd[ib]IIBT4
  • Water and Dust tightness: IP65
  • Field of view: 90° horizontal, 90° vertical
  • Max. Detection range: minimum 17 m
  • Max. Admissible Background lighting:
    • 2500 luces from an electric powered fluorescent source
    • 250 luces from incandescent lamps
  • Supply voltage: 24 VDC.
  • Dimensions: max. 158´196´225 mm, max. weight: 2,5 kg.
  • Interface: standard modification — two/ four wire stub of standard fire control panel. Relay output, 4-20mA interfaces, RS-485 etc. on request.

Principles of operation

ИП 330-ГЕРДА comprises an electronic signal processing module and an aluminum alloy casing with a sapphire window. A mounting bracket on the casing enables any orientation of the detector. The optical component of ИП 330-ГЕРДА is an optoelectronic sensor sensitive to radiation emission in three frequency bands, two of which correspond to selective emission lines of combustible products (Н2О и СО2), while the third one contains emission of the main background interference sources (the sun, artificial light, heaters, lightning etc.). Electronics of the processing module compares signals coming from flame with those from source of background interferences and decides upon switching from standby mode to fire alert. To make the detection more reliable, only an alternating component of the emission signal is being analyzed which is one of essential characteristics of the flame radiation, distinguishing it from a most background lighting.

The distance of stable flame detection is minimum 17m for test source TP-5 (burning of heptane on a tray of 0,1m2) and TP-6 (burning of a spirit on a tray of 0,2m2).

ИП 330-ГЕРДА modifications

Depending on specific configuration the detector uses one of the below listed methods to communicate „Fire alert” signal:

  • Modification 1 — Abrupt increase in consumption current up to 7,5mA min.
  • Modification 2 — Dry contact closure (opening).
  • Modification 3 — Respective change of current during the operation with „4-20mA” interface.
  • Modification 4 — Sending a code package during the operation with RS-485 interface.

PPKP 01041-16-1 „Rosa-1SL”, PPKP „Etalon-1”, PPKPO 19-10 etc. can be used as control and indicating panel for the detector.

Detector ИП 330-ГЕРДА is designed for applications in explosion hazard environment, which necessitates the usage of certified cabling products with 0.5-1mm sq. cross-section (e.g. GERDA-KVK 2х2х0,75)

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