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Cable production

Cable production

Universal data transmission cables, control, installation, management, power, communications, developed with the use of advanced production technology and advanced cable materials.

Erection equipment

Erection equipment

Equipment for the installation of cable systems. Junction boxes, trays and metal hose.

Противопожарное оборудование

Fire-fighting equipment

Fire fighting equipment manufacturing company "Gerd". Foam generators for subsurface and standard top-quenching tanks.

Оборудование слива-налива

Loading equipment

Equipment for tank truck and rail tank cars. Own production of articulated joints of pipelines and risers loading.

Уровнемеры, пробоотборники и термометры

Level gauges, thermometers and samplers

Hand-held instruments for measuring the level and temperature of the product in the tanks, samplers manufactured by Honeywell Enraf Tanksystem SA and the production company «Gerda».



An excellent alternative to conventional vehicles for internal transportation, and agricultural, trips on the territory of hotel complexes, parks and resorts, without leaving on a public road.

Извещатели пожарные, датчики загазованности и системы безопасности

Fire alarm, gas detector and security system

Designed for the detection of fire outbreaks level of gas concentration measurement of hydrocarbon vapors in indoor and outdoor and alert workers.

Дисковое межфланцевое уплотнение «Pikotek»

Disk wafer seal "Pikotek"

It provides unmatched sealing flange, as well as electrical insulation flanges.

The quickly assembled shelters

The quickly assembled shelters

The quickly assembled shelters (QAS / БВП) are mainly used during elimination of consequences of natural disasters, accidents, catastrophes, for arranging in field conditions: headquarters, control centers, hospitals, etc.

Уплотнители кольцевых пространств

Sealers annular spaces

Ideal penetration seals for pipes for various purposes (gas, water, sewage) and cables from the pressure and pressure water.


Steel structures

Mast and support for the installation of lighting equipment, road signs and other things. Metal enclosures for industrial zones. Spiral staircases for residential and industrial facilities. Mesh panels for a secure perimeter and separation zones in warehouses.

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