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Level gauges, thermometers and samplers

Hand-held instruments for measuring the product level in the tanks and samplers production company Honeywell Enraf Tanksystem SA.

Portable Level HERMetic UTImeter series has two variants:

  • Hermetic - device HERMetic UTImeter Gtex2000. It has a bayonet connection and a sealed housing, which eliminates evaporation from the reservoir during the measurement. The standard kit includes seals for aggressive products and a weighting sensor.
  • Open - the device HERMetic UTImeter Otex . This model is designed for measurement in the open hatch and not to limit evaporation. It is used in ground tanks.

Portable sampler series HERMetic used to seal the sampling of liquids that pose a threat to human health, fire and environmental safety. The special design of these devices is not disturbed tank leaks during sampling, which prevents leakage of vapors.

Multipoint resistance thermometer
Multipoint resistance thermometer ГЕРДА-ТМ is used to measure the average temperature of the liquid (including oil and petroleum products) in the tank, as well as the profile height of the tank temperature. It consists of several thermistors disposed at different heights in the common corrugated flexible stainless steel sheath.

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