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Gas detection system SKZ-12-Ex-01.M


SKZ-12-Ex-01.M features:

  • modularity and system expandability;
  • “intellectual” infra red gas pollution detectors;
  • indicators of gas pollution and alarm operating thresholds are mounted on detectors and channel modules;
  • reliable protection against false alarms;
  • automatic self-check mode of the detector;
  • convenient service maintenance schedule;
  • log-term operational experience demonstrates high reliability of the systems.

Application: the system is used for measuring hydrocarbon vapor pollution level in buildings and in the open air.

This gas detection system is a stationary automatic quick-response (I-1 type) continuous-action multi-channel gas analyzer, which consists of a PK-12-N-01 control panel and explosion-proof (explosion protection type 2ExeIIT4) infra-red ДЗИ-К-01 gas detectors (plastic casing) or DZI-К-02 gas detectors (metal casing). DZI-К-01 detector is connected to the control panel via an interface cable and КЕх-01 terminal box. DZI-К-02 detector is connected directly to the communication cable by means of terminals mounted inside the detector.

The control panel is designed as a standard 19″ crate which is to be mounted in a cabinet (with min. ingress protection IP20) located in non Ex-hazardous are. It comes complete with a set of КМ-01 channel modules whereby one module is connected to one detector (maximum of 12 channel modules). Gas detectors are to be installed in an area where the air pollution level should be measured. Depending on a type of gas the detector is adjusted to, a special lettering is put at the end of the detector type: NG — for oil gases, PG — for natural gases.

A two twisted pair cable is used for data exchange between the control panel channel module and the detector. The first twisted pair is used for RS-485 interface communications, the second one provides detector power supply. Each channel module of the control panel features three relay controlled outputs — warning and fault alarm, error signal. IM-01 interface module provides communication (Modbus RTU protocol) with an high level automated control system. One such module is installed in the control panel. Maximum 32 control panels may send data through one RS-485 line, so the high level system can receive data from maximum of 384 detectors.

Checkup and calibration of the measuring channel, relay thresholds setup (for warning and fault alarms) is done by switching control panel channel module to „Service” mode, in which case relay actuation is disabled throughout the service works period and „channel in service mode” status is transferred to the automated control system via Modbus. Special testing stand СТ-3 is used for laboratory checkup and calibration of metering channels of the system. The testing stand is complete with software which enables input and storage of calibration tables and output of comprehensive info on measuring channel status, etc.

On the detectors and channel modules there are digital indicators that display the measured gas pollution level in % of NKPR (LFL — lower flammability level) of the air-gas mixture, LED indicators of warning and fault alarms which are ON whenever a set threshold is reached. Whenever a measuring channel operation error is detected the digital indicator of the channel module displays a fault error code and the red „FAULT” LED is ON. For operation in the open air DZI-K-01 and DZI-K —02 detectors are mounted in weather protection housings KKZ-01. Extra protection unit DPZ-01 may be used for moisture, dust and mud protection of optical cell of DZI-K-01 detector at indoor installations.

General specifications

Explosion protection type of the detector


Class of Ex-hazardous area for installation of detectors

1, 2 acc. to Р 51330.9-99 (В-1А and В1Г, acc. to ПУЭ — electric installations code),
IIА category gas mixtures belonging to Т1...Т4 groups

Gas analysis method

Optical-absorption analysis

Max. number of detectors connected to one control panel


Max. number of control panels from which the automated control system can simultaneously receive information via one RS-485 line


Measurement range for oil vapor concentration — Сi CH; % LFL ( for methane, hexane, propane)


Ambient temperature; °С

for DZI-K-01 и DZI-K-02 detectors, KEx-01 junction boxes, KKZ-01 protective housings

for PK-12-N-01 control panel

— 40 ... + 60

+ 1 ... + 50

Ambient humidity for detector operation (at 35°С); %

up to 95

Control panel supply voltage PK-12-N-01; В / Frequency; Hz

220 (± 10 %) / 50 (± 1)

Rated max. power consumption of the 12 channels system; W


Dimensions (Width х Height х Depth); mm / max. weight; kg

DZI-K −01 detector

DZI-K −02 detector

PK-12-N-01 control panel

KEx-01 junction box

weatherproof housing KKZ-01

extra protection unit DPZ-01







/ 2,8

/ 3

/ 7

/ 0,4

/ 10,5

/ 0,3

Max. fundamental error of measurement Dо; % LFL


Max. alarm system actuation period upon detection of excessive values; seconds



fault alarm


Maintenance interval; months


Average time to first failure; hours

Min. 35000

Service life; years


Data communication parameters

Data exchange between a detector and the control panel

Interface RS 485; cable acc. to ТУ 16.К13-033-2005 specifications: Gerda-KVK 1х2х0,75+1х2х1,0 (armored), or Gerda-KV 1х2х0,75+1х2х1,0 (non-armored), length: up to 1200m

Data exchange between the control panel and an high level automated control system

1. Interface RS 485, data communication protocol Modbus RTU; cable acc. to ТУ 16.К13-033-2005 specifications: Gerda-KVK 2х2х0,75 (armored), or Gerda-KV 1х2х0,75 (non-armored), length: up to 1200m

2. Three relay outputs per channel — warning and fault alarm, error signal. Relay output type — „dry contact”. Umax= ~220V, Imax= 2А.

Structure of description for purchase order

Gas detection system

SKZ-12-Ех-01.M — K/M/GR/DI — ... — KKZ-DPZ


  • K — number of detectors of the given type, K = 1...12.
  • M — modification of detectors used in the system:
    • 1NG — DZI-K-01.NG detectors;
    • 1PG — DZI-K-01.PG detectors;
    • 2NG — DZI-K −02.NG detectors;
    • 2PG — DZI-K −02.PG detectors.
  • GR — measuring channels calibration parameter:
    • — system detectors are calibrated for propane
    • — system detectors are calibrated for hexane;
    • — system detectors are calibrated for methane;
  • DI— applicable measurement range of concentrations:
    • ½ - concentration measurement range from 0...50% LFL;
    • — concentration measurement range from 0...100% LFL.
  • KKZ — number of protective housings KKZ-01, KKZ = 0 KKZ...12 KKZ.
  • DPZ — number of DPZ-01 extra protection units
    • for detectors: DZI-K −01, DPZ = 0 DPZ ...12 DPZ.

Remarks: by default the system is complete with IP-01 interface module; DZI-K −01detector is shipped complete with KEx-01 terminal box.

Example of product description in a purchase order:

Gas detection system

SKZ-12-Ех-01.M-5/1NG/P/ ½-7/2NG/P/ ½-7KKZ-3DPZ

Interpretation of the description:

SKZ-12-Ех-01.M — 12-channel gas pollution level control system in an explosion proof modification consisting of:

  • five DZI-K-01.NG detectors calibrated for propane gas mixture in the concentration measurement range: 0...50% LFL;
  • seven DZI-K −02.NG detectors calibrated for propane gas mixture in the concentration measurement range: 0...50% LFL;
  • seven KKZ-01 weatherproof housings;
  • three DPZ-01extra protection units.

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