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The quickly assembled shelters (QAS / БВП)

Prospect, certificates and permission:


The quickly assembled shelters (QAS / БВП) are mainly used during elimination of consequences of natural disasters, accidents, catastrophes, for arranging in field conditions:

  • headquarters, control centers;
  • hospitals;
  • sanitary-amenity facilities (e.g., shower rooms);
  • temporary lodging, etc.

Technical specifications

Ambient air temperature

– 45…+50°С

Relative humidity

up to 98% @ 25°С


Rubberized fabric (СВМ heavy-duty fabric or nylon)

Atmospheric pressure, corresponding to altitude above sea level

up to 3000 m

Average set-up time

2…5 min.

  • Volume in folded state is almost 140 times smaller than volume in operating (inflated) state
  • One square meter of dwelling space weighs approx. 5 kg
  • Packed module occupies floor space 1 m2
  • Even in case of extremely low ambient temperature, it is warm inside the compartment. Time for reaching normal room temperature inside the module: approx. 5 minutes for ambient outdoor temperature minus 15°С
  • Broad range of auxiliary equipment (power supply systems, pressurization device, heating-ventilation block, air conditioner, differential air pressure regulator in the pneumatic frame of the module, lighting fixtures, tables, chairs, etc.)
  • The product is certified pursuant to GOST R

Short description of the module

The quickly assembled shelters consist of one or several pneumatic frame modules. The modules may be connected in various combinations limited only by the customer’s fantasy. The pneumatic frame module is an inflatable construction filled by air using pressurization device. The backbone of the module is the pneumatic frame covered from the outside by waterproof fabric (nylon or heavy-duty fire retardant fabric – at customer’s choice), and with inner lining made of nylon or heavy-duty fire retardant fabric. To prevent incidental breakage of pneumatic frame because of excess pressure, the module is equipped with emergency air release valve. Air space between the outer and inner shell of the pneumatic frame module allows maintaining optimum indoor temperature even if ambient temperature is extremely low. To enhance wind load resistance, the quickly assembled shelters are equipped with anchor lines and pegs. Electric network includes sockets for appliances and lighting wiring with a switch. Electric network is installed at the stage of QAS manufacturing and is not dismantled during folding or deployment of the compartment. Lighting fixtures are installed at the stage of QAS deployment and are connected to the electric network using special connectors. QAS may be supplied together with a set of auxiliary equipment intended for power supply, lighting, heating, ventila-tion, automatic pressurization of pneumatic frame, etc.

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